Whenever I see testimonials at the end of adverts, I’m usually ‘yeah, right’…but these are all genuine. Thanks for the support!

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Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this wonderful website. After listening to music all my life, I realised I wanted to understand it more deeply…this is what I have been waiting for! Thank you so much for this wondeful resource.

S.C. (USA)


Hi your page is grate i love it, i hope you continue with this excellent work PD sorry for mi english, i am from peru.

Alberto (Peru)


Just wanted to say thank you for your site it’s really opened my eyes and I’m not even done with the beginners course. I’ve always loved classical music… I wanted to branch out from the cliche classical songs that everyone seems to know, and not only listen to classical music , but feel it… be able to critically listen to it, and above all absolutely appreciate it. Your website is helping me do just that. I had an epiphany after I read the section on concertos.. When you broke down the first minute and explained each instrument , it was such a big help. So when I re listened to the first couple minutes of the song in whole…. i was blown away at my ability to discern each instrument separately! Awesome! It gave me the chills to have these new ears and sense about me when listening to this particular piece. Now whenever I listen to that piece it’s like I’m listening to it for the first time again and again.. 




Thank you so much for opening my ears to classical musical after 34 years spent daunted and confused by the sound. I’m a Mechanical engineer and so the analytical leanings of my mind have been frustratingly thwarted for too long by the impenetrable complexity of classical music. 
Your clear love and understanding of the subject shines through in your easy to follow explanations – the hallmark of an unpretentious master! The site also helps enormously by so deftly interspersing each learning step with examples (that I can repeatedly play until the confusion turns to beauty) without the technology accidentally getting in the way of the message.
I can’t describe how thrilled I am at the the thought that I might one day experience and understand music in a way similar to the feeling I get when I refine a machine or system through the application of maths and science until it is at its most elegant simplicity.  So instead I’ll just say thanks again!
Dave (UK)


I’ve been working through the course for a couple of months now and found your teaching method absolutely great. I like listening to classical music but know almost nothing about it. You’ve taught me a lot, please keep up the good work.
I particularly like the way you select a short piece from each of the composers and analyse it in detail.  I’ve been through a few other online music appreciation courses and none of them have taken the trouble in the way that you’ve done.  My only concern I have is that I am unable to achieve the same level of appreciation without your help!  Will you add any other composers into your course?
Billy (UK)


I just wanted to write to say thank you (I will also donate, soon) for the fantastic work you have decided to share.
I have no musical background at all, I only got into classical music about a year ago when, out of the blue, i decided to learn an instrument because i loved music so much.
Now every day there is something I learn, and I have you to thank! Last night, after completing the Mozart chapter, i swear that Jupiter was the backing track of the dream I had! 
Thank you so much!
Carolina (Switzerland)