Course Map

Learnclassical is broken up into three courses.



This begins with a 2 part introduction. If classical music sounds alien to you, start here.

Then come the three essentials of all music. 1) Rhythm 2) Melody and 3) Harmony.

An understanding of these will be assumed for the intermediary set of courses…



This comprises the main bulk of the course. We take each of our six pieces of classical music, and think about them firstly through the instruments that create it, and then through each of the three essentials (Rhythm, Melody and Harmony). The intermediary courses will assume you understand these musical basics.



These are not necessarily more difficult than the intermediary courses, but go into deeper and more specific knowledge.

Each course begins with a look at the history surrounding each of our six pieces. Since these six pieces are arranged chronologically, these opening chapters should give you a short but overall view of the history of classical music.

The next chapters go into more detail about specific aspects of our six pieces, before we finish with a brief afterword on each composer.