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FEB 2018

I’ve lost alot of media on this site. Particularly effected are the Gershwin and Shostakovich chapters. I will probably not get to fix these until the end of this month. Apologies.

Best to contact me directly at rather than the email on the site, thanks.


JAN 2018

Apologies, I have had technical issues, and lost most of the media on this site. I will be going through over the next few days replacing everything, but apologies if this has interuppted your enjoyment of the site.


AUG 2017

Editing delayed by trip┬átrip into the fine arts, my short program on Bronzino’s allegory of Venus and Cupid:

A little off topic, but I hope you enjoy…


April 2017


The site is now up and running, but I’m currently revising EVERYTHING so I need feedback.

That means I want to hear what you like and even MORE importantly what you don’t.

At the moment, I’m creating this site BLIND, which is a can lead to terrible overuse of CAPITAL letters.


Contact me directly at All correspondence will be treated with the strictest of confidence and security.