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AUG 2017

Editing delayed by trip trip into the fine arts, my short program on Bronzino’s allegory of Venus and Cupid:

A little off topic, but I hope you enjoy…

April 2017


Ok, the site is fully up and running, but I’m currently revising everything whilst I have some time off work. I need feedback, and that means I want to hear what you like and even more importantly what you don’t. Plenty of you are using the site, and yet I’m still in the dark as to how it’s working. And that makes revision more of a struggle.

So please, you can contact me directly at All correspondence will be treated with the strictest of confidence and security.


Oct 2016

I’ve nearly completed the website, but work has prevented me dotting the Is and crossing the Ts.

I’ve put the Shostakovich chapters up, even though they are not completely finalised.


July 2016

Apologies all for the delay, but the site is almost finished. I am just re-editing the entire site along with the new Shostakovich chapters, and everything should be ready by the end of the first week of August… (yeah right, says me in October!)


May 2016

Work drawing to an end on final Shoastakovich chapters. Website should be completed, in it’s first draft at least, in the next month or two…




Feb 2016

Now working on the final (Shostakovich) chapters.

Work should be completed in 1-3 months, depending on how much ‘real’ work I get in that time!



Dec 2015

Gershwin is completed!! The website is now 83.33333% complete!

I’m really pleased with these chapters, I think they are the best so far.

Hope you enjoy them too!



Oct 2015

Currently well underway with Gershwin chapters. Should be ready soon…


Sep 2015

Opened a Youtube channel. Check out

There’s some good stuff up there already, and I will continue to update, so worth subscribing to!





May 2015

Wagner is finished. Hurrah! Let me know if it makes sense! Hope you all enjoy…

April 2015

Wagner is up on the sight (mostly) and running so a Teutonic huurah, he’s not got the best reputation in classical music, but it’s such a loss to ignore him, so please do check out.

Feedback always appreciated!  Oh, and when I say week or two (see below), I generally mean month or three.

Mar 2015

12th Mar: Many many thanks to Carolina, who has been helping me update and refurbish the site from the kindness of hew very kind heart! That work is now nearing it’s completion, and the website should ready – with the Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven courses complete and re-running in the next week or so.


1st Mar: The site is currently going through a revamp, including a move to a THREE part course. So apologies for links that don’t work, annoying menus, strange colour-schemes or other nuisances. It should all be running again properly inside a few weeks.

Oct 2014

Many thanks to Rob, Alberto, Carolina, and Jean-Marc for their kind words of support. Each of you have encouraged me to push on.


The switch to the two part course is now complete, but the whole site has some loose ends, particularly with some of the Beethoven chapters. I’m currently working hard re-editing most of the site (the half-a-site, I should say, that has music available) and should be finished inside the next month or two.

Aug 2014

I’m switching the course into a two part course, introductory and advanced. I think otherwise people were getting too fast into more complex areas. The two-course structure should make much more sense for navigating the site.

During the transition, some of the links or lay-out may not be correct – any problems let me know.

July 2014

The six Beethoven chapters are now fully complete. It took quite a while, but is finally done.


There is still work to be done, and you can help! Please remember to let me know any thoughts you have about using this site. Your feedback is very important.

Mail:, or use the contact button in the menu on the left.

Mar 2014

Beethoven media is now complete. Half the course has the music, ready!


Jan 2014

Beethoven is now being updated. Kind thanks to Barbs & Tom Christophersen and Martin Jones, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.

Nov 2013

It’s now official! Learnclassical is launched online. Plus viral video at: