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Introductions part I and II

Original copyright of spruce wood was Prentiss (Newport, Oregon)

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Thanks also from there it ilco for the wonderful musical design.

Thanks to the cello wood photo, Violinmaker Jacob von der Lippe

And NASA for their Large Magellanic Cloud picture.



Thanks to Montrealais for the Mona Lisa photo.

The dance macabre picture comes from the Wellcome Trust, many thanks to them for allowing free digital information.

Thanks to Yi Chen for the kid dancing photo.

For the Reich extract, acknowledgement to the The Cole Conservatory New Music Ensemble. And for the Cote d’Ivoire drumming, thanks to Bolo Bolo Blauweh, with a facebook page here:

The Saint-Saens piece comes form youtube Sorry, I do not know the players.

The heartbeat is from Hbaddick, youtube

Thanks for the Madrigals pic to Daniel Baker from the madrigal singers.

Dresden photo is from Richard Peter.



The Wagner excerpt was played by Johannes Wildner: Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The Schonberg excerpt was played by Maurismo Pollini and can be found at



1. The ‘Get Bach’ came from a WQXR page. Great work.

Thanks to Montrealais for the Mona Lisa photo.

The dance macabre picture comes from the Wellcome Trust, many thanks to them for allowing free digital information.

For the Reich extract, acknowledgement to the The Cole Conservatory New Music Ensemble. And for the Cote d’Ivoire drumming, thanks to Bolo Bolo Blauweh, with a facebook page here

3. The extract for the chap 3 quiz is Karl Richter conducting with Otto Büchner violin, Pierre Thibaud trumpet, and Hans Martin Linde, recorder

4. Choir from Stanford Radio rock concert, courtesty of Lambtron.

For chap 4 quiz, Steve Lubin played the Mozart, and well played too.

Painting pallete photo by Max Wehlte, many thanks. And Pymouss for the recorder photo.

5. Quiz: The Grieg clip is played by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The Nyman  I believe would be performed by the Michael Nyman Band themselves.

For the upload of the Baroque players from 1635, thanks to Ratigan at wikipedia.

For the major scale, thanks to Michael Angelkovich

For the perfect fourth and fifth midis, thanks to Hyacinth

Acknowledgements to Hal V. Khan for the synthesized Beethoven’s Fifth

Thanks to Guifa for the plainsong example.

Thanks to Ralf Lotys for his photograph of Kothen

Thanks to visual pharm, for their musical icons. Their website can be found at

Also, icon help from athae.



1. Thanks to N-Gon for his excellent Kubrick ape drummer png. Great work!

And David Brandt for the cannon firing.


3. Thanks to Alcibiades for the Mozart Kugeln pic.

Thanks to David Merrett for his charming sow pic.

Thanks to Blair25 from deviontart for his silhouetted singer picture.

Thanks to Monica Liu for her excellent photo of the Mozart piano sonata.

Thanks to Shealah Craighead for her picture White House.


4. cow picture, thanks to Steve Collis from Melbourne, Australia

Chap 4 quiz:  the South African clip was from the Mzani youth choir.

For the quiz in Ch4, the Mozart was performed by Hilary Hahn with the Stuttgard Radio Symphony Orchestra. The Tchaikovsky was Joshua Bell performing with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic. And the Bach was Julia Fischer & Academy of St Martin in the Fields.

Thanks to Dersachse95 for the Beatles single pic


5.Thanks to Vivian755 for the jet engine.


7. And the edited rendition of Mozart’s Piano Sonata in C, was played by Marc-André Hamelin, the full version can be seen here.



1. Thanks to iubito for the (french) keyboard diagram.

Thanks to Stephen Burnett via Wikimedia Commons for the pentatonic scale.

Thanks also to Muhammad Alhijry for the Oud clip. You can find the whole improvisation at


2. Thanks to Olek Remesz for the larynx diagram.

Thanks to Koobak for the thirds diagram.

And to Mjchael for the diagram of string harmonics.


4. Thanks to Daderot for the photograph of Beethoven’s grave

And Cordesteatre for the picture of choir and orchestra

And Ad Meskens for his picture of Rodin’s Hand of God.


5. The Armenian church was taken by Cédric Chapuis

Countermarching bands by  BQZip01 on wiki.

The Qaboos Grand Mosque photo courtsesy of Ji-Elle

The Prague synagogue was by Manuamador

The wonderful picture of the Sienna dome was by Michela Simoncini (

Erbil mosque, thanks to Jamesdale10, from flickr.

Tbilisi Church, thanks to Margot Kask.

Beethoven with macaroni is from the website finediners, with facts about Beethoven’s eating habits!

Thanks to Tamorlan for his pic of potatoes.

And Philip Serracino Inglott for the wineglass photo.

Thanks to Andrwe Davidhazy for his wonderful high-speed string photography. His website is at

Acknowledgements I think to Simon Rattle and Berlin Philharmonic for the short extract of the opening of the first movement.



6. Thanks to Mihai Mad for the Mongolia map.

And fir0002 for the aquarium picture: website is

And Julius Schorzman for his lovely picture of coffee. And Струјајое for the piano cake, looks tasty!

Salmon Sculpture pic is from Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (wiki/User:Lmbuga)



1. Thanks to Richard Holmes for his picture of a bass clarinet.

And to Phyzome for his picture of a cello mute.

Thanks to Guillermo Ramos Flamerich for the harpists picture

Thanks to Guido Radig for the Bayreuth opera house photo.


4. Thanks to sluff for musical chords diagram.


7. Thanks to Steve Kennedy for roadside pic.

Wagner cartoon is by schwarwel, website:




1. For the baroque horn: “Baroque repro trumpet” by Nevilley at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

For the bassoon piano prelude (Emily Wilson, bassoon / Ada Wilson, piano) is part of a bassoon learning site. Go to and for more.

For the clarinet pic, thanks to Andy Hogg on flickr (

For the clarinet notation for Rhapsody in Blue, thanks to Dono.

The valhalla taken from

For the cor anglais pic thanks to Hustvedt at

2. Our grace note picture thanks to


3. Ninian Reed for Gershwin conducting.

4. Ninian Reed for the pic of Gershwin at the piano.

5. Some music clips used. For the Webern Quartet for clarinet, saxophone, piano & violin, Op. 22 Charles Rosen, piano Daniel Majeske, violin Robert Marcellus, clarinet Abraham Weinstein, saxophone.

6. Thanks to Morn the Gorn, Hinnerk11, and Shriram Rajagopalan for photos of the Clavichord, Harpsichord, and Cristofori Piano respectively.

And Truls for the piano keyboard.

For the Ravel, Chamber Orchestra of Europe Hélène Grimaud V.Jurowski

For our Alice Springs Dingo, thanks to Paleontour.

the webern notated music is by



1. Thanks to Sara Lopez and her quartet for the clip of the Haydn’s op33 quartet, “The Bird”. Clip is from the final movement and is on youtube at

Acknowledgements to the Quator Mosaiques for the Haydn quartet. Adn the Orion Quartet for the Beethoven Op132 clip.

And for the Mozart Spring Quartet excerpt, thanks to the Classikan Quartet, whole clip can be found at

For the Beethoven Op130 Cavatina excerpt thanks to the Street Fry Quartet, clip can be found at


3. Thanks to the Portuguse Music database for the midieval notation.

Thanks to Matt Haynes for his Schuman Organ work. On youtube


4. Thanks to Pina Napolitano for the extract from the final movement of Schönberg’s Fünf Klavierstücke, Op.23.


5. Clip of Lady Macbeth was conducted by Antonio Pappano and can be found here:

Thanks to Tatanya Apraksina for her portrait of Shostakovich.

For the seventh excerpt,  that is Bernstein conducting the Chichago symphony Orchestra.

For the picture of Leningrad’s cathedral under artillery protection, By RIA Novosti archive, image #5634 / David Trahtenberg / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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